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Penticton 2022

Hello again. Here are some pictures of the Pentiction Elvis Festival held at the Penticton Arena this year! Thousands of Elvis fans showed up to hear the worlds top ETA’s. They didn’t disappoint! That’s me on the far right singing with this amazing 11 piece band The Cadillac Kings!

I’m handing ETA Dean Z the Steve Soucy Musicianship award!
How fantastic it was to meet and sing with the amazing Larry Strickland.
The Amazing and super talanted Dean Z


Hi folks! It’s been awhile since I was in touch!! Alot has happened since my last post! After the CMA awards show I was busy recording in the studio with some new upcoming artists that LMS Records has signed. Some of you may know I took on the A & R Managers position with LMS and have been busy helping new artists get established. But besides that I took a small part in New Vintage Theaters show Cabaret. It was a great experience for me learning to dance and sing at the same time. Here are some pictures of the show.

CMA Awards Show

March 20th, 2022 I head off to the CMA Awards Show in Red Deer Alberta with the LMS Records team. We are super excited as one of our artists Tracy Millar will be performing at the show and I will get to meet our new artist Christina Rogers who is releasing her 5 single on Feb, 14th